I’m writing this for the third time now because I suck so much at this whole “create your own website-blog-thingy” and so this better show up on the blog, and I hope to God that the other two don’t show up along with this because then I wouldn’t know how to get rid of those two.

So, hi, hello! Welcome to my blog. I know this should be right in the beginning, but it isn’t…

Anyway, getting to the point. Few things about myself, which will hopefully pique your interest so that you check out the rest of the blog instead of leaving this page.

So I’m 21 years old, in case you hadn’t read it in the tagline and I’m a med-student, again in case you missed the tagline. I’ll start off with a very well known fact about myself: I’m quite weird and according to me, being weird is not bad, it just means you are different. But of course, some people consider weird as bad and then you end up being treated either as if you are a kind of pest or you are some kind of an explosive volcano. And that just made me eventually stay away from the limelight, and hence the name of the blog, “The Creature Of The Shadows”, if it even makes any sense.

The second thing about me that will be relevant in relation to the blog is the fact that I write in huge paragraphs, so much so that at a certain point in my life, I was called “the paragraph girl” and literally when I was typing this out, I got inspired to create a category in my blog under that name where I will be posting random rantings in a bunch of lengthy paragraphs.

Now a few irrelevant facts about myself: big time bookworm; favourite book would be Eragon; yes, yes, I do love the Harry Potter Series as well; and many other books as well; I’m going to be typing forever if I was to list out all my favourite books right now; I’m a chocoholic; I love baking and I try to do so, sometimes it’s a success and other times it’s a flop; ya okay, that pretty much sums almost everything about me.

Also, I love writing a lot, like duh, it’s pretty obvious since that is why I created a whole blog. I’ll leave the link here for the first ever post on this website which is basically me giving an introduction of what kind of stuff I plan to post here.

I’ve had a blog on Tumblr for ages and again, I’m leaving another link here, regarding what I plan on doing with the contents over there.

Okay, so enough about me. Let’s get started, shall we? Go check out the next tab, “The Paragraph Girl’s Blog” for the different posts available here.

And if you made it all the way to the end of this not so interesting introduction, thank you! xx

[I might edit this later on after I’ve made the blog look a bit presentable… Or if I end up being lazy, then this is going to be here forever…]

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