The Paragraph Girl's Thoughts

The Debutante…

For the past three years, I’ve been maintaining a blog on Tumblr and things are pretty straightforward over there [and no, this is not me promoting Tumblr over here, just in case you were wondering]. This being the first post on this page, puts a lot of pressure on me to make it seem presentable and interesting enough in order to attract a few readers, but it’s at moments like this that my brain lets me down completely and I end up rambling nonsense.

I’ve mentioned a few things about myself under the “About” section so it would be pointless to repeat all of that. So I’m thinking that maybe I should just give an outlay of what you can expect from this blog.

As the title speaks for itself, this is the beginning of an independent blog, where I will not have Tumblr as a supportive backbone kind of thing. I want to make things a bit different but at the same time I also liked the way things were organized over there, so basically I’m going to be experimenting a lot until I reach a point where I am content with what I am posting. Now, what does that mean? It  means that I’m going to be posting and then maybe deleting some of them and then reposting them and what not, so if you happen to want to go back and read something that was there two days ago, you might not find it, or you might see me promoting a post, only to never find it. Yeah, I know, I sound like I’m half-lunatic, I might be, who knows. Keep reading to find out if I actually am.

There is a series called “The Diary of Jane”. This is where I will be venting about my life. Occasionally there might be a few positive things mentioned if, and only if I had happened to walk into a rainbow or something on that particular day. I’m pretty sure you’ve lost any kind of appeal you initially had for this blog by this point.

But if you haven’t and you managed to make it to this paragraph, firstly, wow, and secondly, thank you. Now I’m not completely pessimistic. I do have a few streaks of various other sentiments too and when I am feeling those, I write quotes and edit them on to pictures that I find on Tumblr. [Okay, I mentioned Tumblr again but believe me, I am not promoting it. I might just be slightly addicted to it. **nervous laughter**]

So as I was saying, quotes, some might be sad [obviously since that’s the major essence of my soul], some overly joyful, some lovey-dovey, some highly optimistic. You get the point, right? Right?

Okay, I guess I have mentioned the two main aspects of my blogging style. The rest are going to be experiments. And now I am not sure what else I am supposed to say.

Urm, read and follow my blog, please?

Kay, cool, so the Creature is done for now. See you guys later! xx



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