The Paragraph Girl's Thoughts

Finding my way around this place…

Hello there!

So if it's not pretty evident, I am new here. I made a blog and then decided to check out the other aspects of WordPress when it actually should have been the other way around. I never follow the normal order of things that everyone does.

I am so very used to the outline of my old blog that I kind of am feeling lost over here and am unsure as to what to do, who to follow, what to post or when to post for that matter.

I searched about blogging tips and realised that following those tips and writing in a manner with the sole aim to please a set of target audience was and will never be my style because I honestly have no idea how to change myself simply to garner people's attention. And this has always been a major hurdle in the way of my blog's prosperity.

An overly famous blog is not what I am aiming for but I definitely would like it if my blog does not remain invisible. My purpose behind maintaining a blog is to simply be able to reach out and connect with the few souls out there who possibly are similar to me.

I am pretty sure that there are humans out there who think and feel like I do and if there aren't then I would like to know what the rest think of the manner in which my thought processes function.

Bottom line is that this blog isn't some major source of inspiration and neither does it contain tips about being successful in life. It's merely about a female specie, who has spent most of her life being invisible, due to her different personality and the only relationships she's ever known are the ones she shares with her family and close circle of friends and based on whatever observations she's made or will be making, she plans on writing blog posts which could range from rantings to insights into university life and about a whole ton of emotions for she is definitely a very sentimental and sensitive creature.

Yup, that's pretty much it. I know, I know this ended up being another intro. When am I actually going to start writing real posts? I don't know, I'm waiting for inspiration to strike.


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